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Under current law, Florida prohibits municipalities from passing breed specific legislation. The Florida House currently has HB 543 in committee and SB 1276 has not yet gone to committee. Both of these bills would overturn the ban and allow municipalities to ban breeds they deem dangerous.

Please sign the petition and contact your state representatives and senators!

From the Petiton site:

This is not a Pit Bull issue anymore ladies and gentlemen; this could very well be the start of the largest scale BSL in history. Meaning, any city or county within the State of Florida has the right to discriminate against any breed of dog they want. Therefore, Rottweiler, Dobermans, American Bulldogs, Husky, Boxer, Chow Chow, German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Akita or any other breed they wish to ban, can be and will be done.


The status of the bill can be found here:


Please pass this information on to friends and family memebers who are not a part of this community!

Pit Bull Potluck!

From my email....

Pit Bull Potluck
Come meet other pit bulls and their responsible parents as well as lovers of the breed. You will be able to mix, mingle and play while responsible owners socialize, share stories and become part of this growing pit bull loving community.
Saturday, April 17th, 2010 from 2:00-4:00 PM
 University of Doglando
12276 E. Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32826 
This event is for you and your pit bull or pit bull mix. The SPCA of Central Florida will provide drinks and cake for both doggies and their people. All we ask you to bring is a food dish of your choice.
Please RSVP to Diane@OrlandoPets.org by April 10, 2010!
Note to all parents: You are welcome to attend with or without your dog! Remeber, your dog must be spayed or neutered and you must bring proof that they are up to date on ALL vaccinations!



        Hi all! I've started this community to see if I could find a way to help people in Florida have a central locale to find help for animals when they need it. I couldn't find a comm like this in the LJ search, so here we are! The intent is to help people find pets to adopt, find pets they've lost, help pets get homes, and get other great info like where to go for low-cost spay/neuter, all that kind of thing. If you have a pet that needs a home, that's great to post them here but I request that animals for "sale" (i.e., animals intentionally brought into the world by the poster, whether a backyard breeder or a real breeder who does the right thing by the animals) NOT post here.
        Also, PLEASE, no "free to good home" ads. See this link on why: http://www.nhes.org/articles/view/159
All animals should have at least a small adoption fee, and in the case of dogs/cats/rabbits, be spayed/neutered (or at least on a contract for it if health/age does not permit.)
        Other than that, even questions like "is my cat in heat" are fine, although this is IN NO WAY a substiute for legitimate veterinary counsel, and you'll probably be told to take the animal to the vet or at least Google it. :)

Suggestions are more than welcome, and please tell your friends, and feel free to cross-post!  Thanks!!!